Donate Hope Umbilical Cord Blood Donation Program

A new diagnosis of Parkinson's disease can leave fear, uncertainty and an overwhelming sense of helplessness in its wake. Imagine feeling this despair but having no where to go. This has been the reality for hundreds of people living with Parkinson's in Central Illinois.

This dire need for support within the Central Illinois Parkinson's community became the driving force behind Hearts to Hands. Quite simply, we decided it was time to take the love we have for our family and friends living with Parkinson's disease and put it to work by joining hands to solve the problem.

Hearts to Hands bridges the gap within the Central Illinois Parkinson's community by providing a comprehensive, central point of access for information, resources and most importantly, HOPE. The collaborative partnershp between The Don Bohlander Parkinson's Disease FundRACERS, the Central Illinois Parkinson's Support Group and the Donate Hope Umbilical Cord Blood Donation Program form the foundation of Hearts to Hands. By focusing on the existing strengths within our community, we were able to build relationships and share resources to create one unified effort.

This effort is one that required many hands. Soon you will find more information on this web site and join hands with us as we work toward building a community of knowledge, resources and hope for people living with Parkinson's disease (and the people who love them) in Central Illinois.


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